Visual Diary: iPhone

As I said in my previous post, I am in a relationship with my iPhone even though I'm not really putting its functions to full use. But who cares! As long as you have Instagram, life is good. So I just thought I would share with you guys bits and pieces of my life snapped with my iPhone. These are every day thingy things that happen. I deeply apologize for the food spam. Its not helping me either, especially when its 5am right now.

Sunday Morning at the Saddle Club for breakfast with the horses.

Edgar who is one of my best friends in school.

& this was when I modeled for his garment for our upcycling assignment. Not very used to the cleavage either, trust me.


I'm not so much of a cam-whore kinda girl but I did manage a snap of myself in the cab on my way to a shoot.

Some of the stunning accessories I styled and modeled with at DoorStepLuxury. I am sooooo in love with that Fleet Ilya cuff! The ladies gave me a bag to keep. Guess which?

One of the outfits I styled that day. This Kara Ross clutch is such a beauty.

Hosanna's birthday cake - Chocolate with peanut butter frosting. Recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen! I'm not a very good decorator so I just stuck with the usual and left the rest to the candles.

A destrucked package I wrapped.

2 of the looks the lovely Franz shot of me for lilreddotfolks. If you haven't, you have to check it out!

Seafood pasta I made last weekend. Went a bit overboard on the prawns and salmon I suppose. But thats the joy of home cooking don't you think?

Grilling my quesadillas on the pan.

May has been a busy month for me. You can see why.

New shorts for the summer.

So I headed to the beach last week and we had a lovely time before the rain poured. I decided the night before that it would be nice to have roasted chicken drumsticks and some oreo brownies for dessert.

I also prepared beans, potato salad and some carbonara. It was a lovely brunch by the beach with great company.

The lovely Constance and Rachel who so kindly helped me out with the tie dye dresses.

Cold Rock which I had yesterday.

It was my maid's birthday on Saturday and she isn't actually a 'maid' to everyone who knows my family. More like a grandma who's taken care of me and my sis for the past 11 years. So she's the empress dowager of the house! I have a lot to thank her for and I really wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. She's someone I admit to having a love-hate relationship with. I hate it when she starts bossing around, it annoys the hell out of me but oh well, its all for my own good. So meet Mary. Hosanna and I made some carrot cake for her and I decorated it with crushed digestive biscuits and mini dinosaurs to make it look like dinos in a desert. Gave her a little surprise that evening!

I also received a little gift from Milan during the weekend.

Our little pizza counter Hosanna and I did. Meatballs, prawns, loads of parmesan & mushrooms. First time making pizza from scratch! So much fun.

Chocolate cupcakes in the fridge from the lovely Hosanna & Marizel.

Some other random day at the beach.

For those who never knew I had a bob hairdo when I was 14.

Snapping away on Pocketbooth with my fluffy monster who is STILL such a cutie even at 12.

Trying to curb a really bad hangover by doing some therapeutic cooking in the kitchen with the Swee sisters.

& lastly, a gorgeous Burberry trench my aunt brought home with her during one of her travels. What a classic!

So this might not necessarily be everything fashion related but I guess everyone now has a little sneak peak into my life. I'd love to do more of these posts if you guys think this is something worth blogging about. But I enjoyed doing this up! So I hope you guys enjoyed the visuals! Loads of kisses to my iPhone! Have a great week babes.