Whats In My Bag?

1.Clutch, Courtesy of Something Noir. I'm not so much of a clutch person because I never really liked the idea of having to hang my camera around me. And also because I carry tons of trash with me wherever I go so I need a large bag to dump everything in. Anyhow, I love this clutch! And I am happy to be able to carry it every once in awhile.

2. Faux Python Skin Notebook, TYPO store. I absolutely love this notebook to the extent that I hardly bear to write in it. But its filled with ideas for this blog whenever they come to me randomly, notes from DESTRUCKED meetings that I take down for the web store, random quotes or thoughts or endless shopping and To-Do lists.

3. During clutch days, I like being able to have a compact cam with me whenever possible! This is a new Olympus my aunt just got recently and I use it once in awhile. Its functions are almost similar to the Olympus Pen so I'm still trying to get my way around it. But oh well, a camera is still a camera! Other days, I at the very least NEED my iPhone. I have to admit being kind of hooked to Instagram. Can't miss a moment!

4. Lip gloss & Lipstick- The gloss was a gift from Miyuki-San after my trip in Tokyo, she sent me a little package full of Japanese cosmetics that I had to try. My favourite is this gloss. Its perfect for every occasion in my opinion. As for the lipstick, its from GOSH and I got it from London. I tend to take a reeeeealllly long time to finish using my make-up and I know its unhealthy to keep them for too long but I have to admit I kind of am..not bothered. In other words, I don't really give a shit ha ha. Its nude lipstick for more subtle days. Every time I wear it people think I'm ill because I tend to look so pale and they start showing a massive amount of concern for me I kinda like the response it gets so teehee. But apart from loving the attention I get out of it, for the wrong reasons, I do genuinely love nude make-up very much.

5. Estee Lauder eyeliner- Eyeliner pencil I've been using since god knows when and I don't know why I still am. Sad to say, nothing seems to stay on my eyes, or my face for that matter, they just tend to smudge leaving me looking like a witch by night. All I need is a broomstick and a tall black pointy hat to compliment the whole look.

6. Dior Compact Powder- I can't leave home without this, really. I'll do a separate post on my make-up routine another time, I promise! But clutch days means no space for a make-up pouch, so the above are the cosmetics I usually dump in for a night out!

7. Ipod- A gift for my 16th birthday. Ancient in Apple. But who cares really? I have a pathetic amount of music in there. When it actually starts bothering me, I promise to do an updated playlist and share it with you guys.

8. Keys- Of course I have keys! But cmonnnn ~~~ lets show some love to my fav key ring. After seeing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City I knew I had to have it.

9. iPhone- I pretty much love my iPhone but am a complete noobie with anything I.T so my phone is pretty much empty with 2 pages of apps. And there are many hidden secrets in my MacBook & iPhone I still know nothing about. I swear to God it turns people off. Or mabe, its a good conversation starter. Last week I found out that the Iphone charger could double up as a USB cable when you take the plug off…………….hahahahahahah this is how long it took me to realise. I stared at it for a good 5 minutes in admiration with my mouth half open and going "woahhhh"~~

10. Geeky Specs- I have no idea how they got in there, but 10 is a nice number to end this! So happy times, hope this was something worth blogging about. Have a great weekend everyone!