The Grove

Blouse, Kaitlyn, skirt, Destrucked, bag, vintage coach, heels, Jessica Simpson

We spent the afternoon at The Grove which is undeniably one of the most beautiful shopping arcades I've ever stepped on to. Kind of love how Hosanna and I are always dressing for the occasion, even though this was unplanned for, it kind of blended in pretty well. This pretty lace skirt will soon be up on Destrucked, I am so glad I wore it today because I adore it to bits! Ended the lovely day with american sushi and major supermarket shopping-stocking up on all my calorie packs which I've been dying to indulge myself in since 2 years ago. I love those Oreo, honey maid, chips ahoy hundred calorie packs so so so much, the previous time I was here, I stocked up on them to bring home with me but couldn't bear to eat them until they expired. So lesson learnt, and I plan to devour those little babies as soon as I return to Singapore. Spending the weekend in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! Stay safe kitties.