Le Grand Canyon

Our Vegas tour included a trip up to the Grand Canyon on Saturday and we travelled up for about 5 hours before getting a glimpse of the breath-taking view at the south canyon. I was privileged as a child to have been able to visit the other side of the canyon and took the scariest helicopter ride of my life. Though I don't really remember much about that trip, the ten hours of traveling to and fro this time did prove to be worth it.

L.A so far has been pretty great, I wouldn't say its amaaaazing yet probably because there's simply too much I've yet to explore and after only spending a day here, we were off to Vegas for the weekend. Also, what I've got to see so far is almost like how people here live everyday. It isn't so much of the Hollywood part that people see on the glossy covers on celebrity magazines. I mean, it is a lovely place to live in but so hard to get around unless you have a car and everything here is so overpriced compared to what we have we Singapore. Apart from a few things like cars of course. But then, the past few days here in the US has made me realise so much how lucky I am to be a Singaporean. No matter how poor a Singaporean is, you'd at the very least have a roof to live under but thats not really the case here. I see the homeless here every day begging for spare change, or barging into a restaurant trying to pick on people's food or digging the trash and picking up a cup of unwanted Starbucks coffee, taking a sip then throwing it back in. Would you actually feel safe in such an environment? Hazel, who's been here for the past 2 months has had creeps coming up to her almost every other day and even Hosanna and myself experienced that on our very first evening here. At Vegas, we had drunkards following us so closely at 2am shouting gibberish and it was only when we started to hasten our pace, they sort of gave up and went into another club. That experience in Vegas was abit of a wake-up call for me. I don't know about people but I am so glad to be a part of Singapore. Even my trip to London last year did make me realise how safe Singapore really really is. It was pitch dark just steps away from my penpal's home.

Anyway, back to the Grand Canyon…we've had fast food almost throughout the tour which isn't so great all the time but I did manage to survive the bus ride with a couple of snacks from the petrol kiosks and movies that happened to be playing. I was (ashamed but honestly speaking) more excited to put on my matching outfit to go with the day trip in the beginning but the epic view was obviously the star that day. We spent a good hour there while I was hilariously using my cape and crawling about to protect myself from the bees. So all is good now and we're back safely in L.A, will share more next time. Bye for now!

Wearing- Ztamp shorts, Hosanna's military cape, random bralette, H&M boots