Sequined Jacket

Jacket & shorts by Topshop, Bag, J Dauphin

These were freshly taken in the morning outside our hotel during our stay in Vegas. I've worn this jacket so many times and its definitely still a keeper. Paired with my favourite denim shorts from Topshop, which mysteriously disappeared towards the end of my trip…I miss it so much!! And for those who recall, I mentioned in my Instagram post that the lovely ladies of Doorstep Luxury gave me this gorgeous J Dauphin bag, here should be a better view of it. But I guess I can always leave its details for later!
Despite it being barely 9 in the morning, the streets of Vegas were still rather packed, and casinos still full of people who lost track of the time while gambling. As epic Vegas was from what I vaguely remembered looking through old photographs of me as a kid, it hasn't changed much. Its still a blown-up wonderland, every part of the world in this little city. I felt like I was stuck in some sort of game for a moment. My stay there proved to be a wake up call for me personally, I hated how superficial everything there felt like. And seeing people gamble from day to night served as a reminder for myself how my life should never be simply based on a slot machine. Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience and I would go back if I could, only because there were so many shows I wished I could watch. And not to mention, just being able to spend a night or two at some of the most stunning hotels there. I believe nothing much would change the next time I'm there. Maybe even see a familiar face or two. Whatever it is, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.