Lazy Days.

So….I got my hair treated at Salon Vim the other day again. The humidity in Singapore completely ruined my curls for the first few days since I was back. So hopefully, the treatment managed to salvage them. Still, whatever I do to my hair, I am genuinely convinced that quite a number of you aren't really that interested. But I hope you guys will bear with me as its there is no point denying that the salon has been sponsoring me hair services for the past few months. Getting my hair done has always been a luxury for me, because I can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get my hair done regularly and to be very very honest, I relished the thought of my hard earned money going to….hair. Rather than clothes and bags which can stay with me forever. Reason being why my hair has never been at its best for so many years until Salon Vim did approach me. I can't help feeling so apologetic to Ivan whenever I go back to get my hair done because I know there is still so much room for improvement. But you can really trust me when I say that my hair has shifted from hell to what feels like heaven after my several visits there. Like I said earlier, doing my hair has always been a luxury so I was so pleased when I saw that this was one of first salons I've been to with the latest fashion magazines. I am sure many other salons do that but seriously!!! I was so happy. And being such a fan of whatever tea you can give me, life feels perfect whenever you're on comfortable leather seats accompanied with free flow of tea, and happily getting my monthly fashion fix. All this while seeing my hair transforming and being a whole new self. Now I'm more than happy to just let time pass while I'm there, even if it means 5 hours on the chair until my butt hurts. Simply because I am so completely relaxed! So I am being very honest here, I really do, have so much to thank Salon Vim for. And Ivan especially who has been so patient with me all this while, answering to my every need. Right now, my hair still looks the same old black but I'm hoping to get something different done next month….that will probably be something interesting to update on I hope. Sorry for the word vomit, the visuals show how I looked like that Tuesday afternoon. The dress/top whatever you want to call it is secondhand, the boots are H&M, the bag is by J Dauphin from Doorstep Luxury, and the necklace is from Bangkok. Lazy but happy days because I was still in the midst of trying to settle down properly. Salon vim is located at 313 Somerset #04-07/08/09. My readers get a 10% off! And they're having some special offers right now with the GSS around. So be sure to check them out on Facebook!