Red Velvety Magic

Red velvety goodness in a jar

Topped off with disney princess sprinkles

What I'd love to call my very own 'Photo(s) of the day' post- where everything perfectly falls into place and even depicts your mood for the day. The result of my Saturday afternoon in the kitchen. And sleep deprived to the extent I could even dig some chocolate out from my room and cut some ribbons just to give these photos the magical touch they need. The goodness of red velvet all in a jar calling to be eaten, topped off with my Disney sprinkles! As exhausted as I am, and nervous to quite a certain extent of officially starting school again tomorrow after a hiatus of 2 and a half months….I am excited to finally be able to study what I came to Lasalle for, fashion! I hope school will still allow me to regularly post on this blog as often as I can. This blog is now exactly 3 years old and looking back, you can only imagine how thankful I am for such supportive readers like you guys! Thank you everyone for your immense support, comments and emails. Missingavenue would not be where it is today without any of you! Let me allow this jar to be a toast to the 3 years and many more to come! Have an amazing week ahead everyone ^^!