Silky Mondays








Photos by Sherman See-Tho

A few quick pictures from today, which clearly show how tired I am. Even after 18 hours of rest, I had a horrible evening to be very honest but managed to cool myself down after a quick prayer and immersing myself into getting my Harry Potter fix by bombarding Sherms with question after question. In which, he patiently answered, and with some help from Wikipedia, I managed to finally grasp a better understand of the whole storyline. Hur hur I have followed the movies as a kid but slowly just…lost myself in Hogwarts and anything that had to do with magic that I could no longer be bothered to watch the rest after the Half Blood Prince. Awaiting a day where my closest friends will be able to come round my crib and feast ourselves in a home cooked english meal (By yours truly of course^^) and watch the entire series, patiently clearing any doubt I might still have with the story. All that aside! A huge shout out to the lovely Jordus, from W.A.R who gave me this playsuit which I have admittedly worn countless of times over the past 2 months. I love it to bits, its my kind of casual and so soft and comfy I could go into a deep sleep in this. Actually…I did! At the back of long car rides during my time in L.A, I slept like a complete pig because this was too comfortable for my own good. Maybe even drooled a little. Paired with these Steve Maddens I picked up from Nordstrom and a random necklace which apparently is a great conversation starter when I am around adults. But really….I shall not go into that! I hope all of you have had a great start to the week, and just want to say a quick thank you to the great responses to the Bangkok guide!