Just 3 things that I am thankful for recently. I know I am not the best blogger or photographer but there are the simple things life does offer me once in awhile that I just want to be able to share with all of you. Shoes, for a first, make me feel great especially when they start to tower slightly over 6 inches. Or anything above 4 for that matter. They give me this boost of energy and sense of satisfaction I cannot be given elsewhere. But the hype dies down after awhile when I stare at them long enough. And every time I feel bored or down, I find my comfort in going on Youtube and watching Nigella or Jamie Oliver cook up a storm. And I am ashamed to admit that this past year I haven't been able to read a proper book unless you consider a flipping through a cookbook and drooling over the pages reading. When I combine a good cooking show and a cook book, thats when I secretly get over ambitious and greedy because I end up making a feast for like 4 and gobble it up myself. The worst part…and so embarrassing I can't believe I am saying it here. I talk to myself when I cook as if I am on my own show. Then, I document everything I make. Like how I document a lot of what goes on in my life whenever I can. In my own way. I really enjoy being behind the camera because its kind of where my imagination is allowed to run wild. I have so many ideas of the kind of photos I want to take that I take up every given opportunity to fulfill it. I was more than happy to be able to assist Fadli during a shoot last week…giving my take on some of the styling, picturing several compositions for the two models and trying to get decent make up on the both of them. Jack included. Then being Fadli's arm rest while he shot them. Ha ha! After the shoot, I happily skipped to 15 Minutes and placed the cheesecake I baked on a plate so that Jack could eat it while I photographed him. It was a request I was happy to do for him since he wanted some clean shots of himself. The whole day was a laugh and thats how I've been spending my last few weeks of vacation. Laughing with friends over the most ridiculous things, cooking, baking then sharing. Youtubing cooking shows like crazy every night and drooling under my blanket. Taking photos, processing them…eating, sleeping. I am such a pig. This is Melody for you. Life is good as it is and I can only thank the different people who have made it possible for me to feel this way. School in a week, yikes!