Tuesday Morning

Flower Shop

I made my sis take these photos for me and as ridiculous as it sounds, I went back to this
florist 3 times within an hour just to get a proper photo. And even bought myself a sunflower. Whats even more ridiculous is the amount of time I spend putting up a proper post together just because I am so anal about everything. I know my posts are short but I take hours to get it together. Maybe this is like a plus point to show everyone how much I love blogging and my blog itself ^^ Oh that aside, how cute are these shorts?! I grabbed them at Urban Outfitters during one of my last shopping opportunities at 3rd Street Promenade. Clearly not forgetting how much I was of a wreck that night running from store to store in my bloody heels to make it in time before they closed. But like I said, these knitted minis are everything I can ask for in a pair of shorts. So very me and it makes me so happy I can't help giggling to myself as I type this. The clutch was a great vintage buy at Chatuchak while the flats and blouse are from H&M I got in Hong Kong awhile ago! I hope everyone had a great national day holiday, I sure did. Now to spend the rest of my night/morning reading British Vogue and Vivi magazine. God, I love Vivi. Even though I can't read a single shit out of it.