waiting for my peace to come






Skirt courtesy of Wanderwit

I've been feeling extremely uninspired over the past week so when Wanderwit sent me this skirt, I just thought I'd paired it with black drapes like how I normally do for any black outfit. There is nothing special about this outfit, but there is something very much I love about wearing black from head to toe for an occasion. Or even just for a day out. School not included. Black in school usually means I'm just too bored to be bothered. Which is what I've been living on over the weeks… Sad but true! Though there wasn't an occasion I wore this to, we just felt like taking some pictures in the park so I got dressed and we did. Literally ran for the life of my dear shoes when it started to pour again. Nevertheless, black makes me feel kind of dark and mysterious but in a good way every once in awhile and I love this. I love how to skirt flows with my drapey vest and the shoes did a great deal in giving a kick start to this outfit. Big Ol' thanks to Wanderwit for the lovely skirt!