You Only Live Once

Waiting for my time to come.


1. I have recently heard so much about how people think I'm the last person they want to be acquainted with because I look so 'intimidating' and 'unapproachable'….cmon man! Its not my fault I look this way, guess it has to be those cat eyes or super dark bushy brows…or the fact that I do tend to dress up quite a bit once in awhile but I swear I am a genuinely nice and friendly person. I try to smile whenever I can, actually I always am when I'm with friends. Say Hi next time! It really upsets me that people think I'm some arrogant bitch ha ha ha, I really really am not! On a side note, with regards to the hair, I've recently been immersing myself with treatment after treatment at Salon Vim. The last one I did was LO'real's approach to nature where formulas are created based on natural ingredients and fragrances. So obviously it was refreshing and felt great. I had an amaaaaaazinggggg hair massage as part of the treatment (I love hair massages! My god, they are DOPE.) My hair might still have quite a long way to go but I'm positive that its on its way to a whole new self! Get your nature treatments at Salon Vim today! Salon vim is located at 313 Somerset #04-07/08/09. My readers get a 10% off!

2. Meet my new friend, Sydney, all the way from Germany! Happily smiling for the camera with all the cheap thrills Bugis Street had to offer her. I brought her out a few times and we've had so much fun getting to know each other and each other's cultures and countries. I so badly want to visit germany now! And buy a cute bicycle just because everyone cycles there. I've been introducing her to probably the best of the shops I know so far. What I love is how she has a part of Singapore in her, having a mom who is Singaporean. Its so adorable when she commutes with shop tenders in her broken mandarin. And tells me about her 'gong gong'. or small random things about her childhood living in Singapore and then moving back to Germany. This is what I absolutely love about being able to meet new people from all over the world. Stories to tell and memories to keep. Good times roll baby.

3. Happy Birthday Singapore!