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Daily Dose

Happy Times

1. The pains I make my dear friends go through when I take blog photos. 2 huge safety pins and endless bobby pins later, the dress still fell every 2 minutes.. Then came the routine of picking up flowers and throwing them in air, and at myself… thank god it was all in the name of pure good fun.

2. Days where I just need to sit on my 'rug' and enjoy blueberries and yoghurt reading Lula. Thats if I had to name a favourite among the three. But there was nothing not to love about stunning Elle Fanning (who was 10 metres away from me during the premiere of Super 8 in West Hollywood! And a quick glance of Steven Spielberg!) on LOVE and Edie Campbell for Tank…that little spread screamed everything about me. Frolicking amongst gardens in beautiful floral dresses and lying on all the lovely green, playing dress up in a neighbourhood that reminded me of Eastborne in England. Tank never fails on days you just need to feel a wee-bit intellectual especially for a noob like me when there is so much technology involved.

3. All I need right now is a day spent with nature and pretty dresses and perhaps indulging in a good salad. I guess its easy to tell how much school has sucked the life out of me. And…I am desperate for my fringe to grow. I've missed how it could flow along with the rest of my ever-growing bird's nest (just because my hair seems to collect all sorts of stuff from loose thread during class or maybe a yarn or two and tiny bits of food..) I'm looking forward to spending an evening at Salon Vim this week!