Candy Princess

I had my own solo party last weekend during my stay at the gorgeous Marina Bay Sands- wearing the most adorable dress made by the lovely Rachel who was so kind to lend it to me, just so I could play dress up! I love the back of this dress so much, socks!!!!!! Actually the whole top was made out of socks except for the bustier which was paper and wire and the tulle. Reminds me so much of candy, wish I could beautify my photos by creating my own candy lane kind of set but I had to make do. As crazy my friends thought the dress seemed, anyone who knows me well enough would know I never ever give up the opportunity to play dress up and who am I kidding really?

PS* Rach- Love you babe, and love your creation!
PPS* Wanling & Biru- Thanks for all your patience and assisting me with these photos!