Photos by Ydee Jumanto

A couple of raw, unedited photos snapped a while ago, playing with the stairways outside of my home. I'm sorry this space hasn't been able to be as visually appealing as I want it to be, school has sucked the life out of me but thankfully, I'll be spending the weekend snapping some pics for my guest blogging debut on Solestruck. Annnnnd, I got a massive (its probably not anything but to me its major..since I've never coloured my hair in my life) hair makeover last weekend. I've spent all week trying to get used to it….and even saw myself feeling at wits end just because I felt so weird.. but the number of compliments I've been receiving have been completely unexpected. Loads to thank Ivan for now, I'd update more about my new hair tomorrow! For now, I hope these photos do the trick for a kick-start, missingavenue is back in business!