Salon Vim Gives Back


The extremely generous people behind Salon Vim have started a new campaign, for the best reasons! Salon Vim wants to help you to give your friend the best gift she can probably receive, a boost in the confidence she needs. You and your friend get a complimentary hair-makeover, courtesy of Salon Vim, and hopefully have an experience thats worth remembering.

" The world goes around in a cycle and one thing leads to another.
A kind act will continue to go around the world changing lives.
Do you have a friend whom you wish to help?
Let us know."

All you have to do is go to their Facebook page- post a photo of you and your friend, write about why you'd like to help your friend and what this opportunity would mean to her and how it would change her life. So simple and so worth it. Salon Vim will be choosing the winning entry based on whose story touches them the most. So..! If you're in Singapore and you know of someone whom you'd like Salon Vim to make life better for, please take part in this campaign! Its not just about who wins or lose, but the thought that really counts. And asking yourself how much of a difference it would make for her in her life. So head on down to their Facebook page and change you and your friend's life!