All Black.


The only reason for the first photo is pretty much because of I love the little peeptoe of these Steve Madden heels. They look adorable close-up but even better from afar. They kind of remind me of Prada. Today I realised I am always whining about the weather on my blog but seriously! I can hardly wear all my suede shoes anymore… I unknowingly killed a little bit of my Dolce Vita boots on the inside because they got into some water. Makes me so sad….. So true that our style is kind of dependent on the weather though.


I've been dressed in black all week. How uninspiring, even though I love wearing black but not when it becomes routine with school. Today I wore these lace shorts I came across randomly while shopping at Santa Monica. I probably own about 5 pairs of laced or crochet shorts now…. its become quite an obsession. Shorts in general, really. Also, to date my favourite and most worn to death cardigan (still convincing myself to order another piece before its sold out) that I wear both front and back ways. I love the practicality of most of my clothes to be honest, especially those in black. Probably why I am convinved each time I need to buy something, I tend to deem it as practical. Today's inspiration: Abit of Audrey Hepburn with regards to the shoes and Chanel. And trying to get a contrast out of this outfit with the shorts and minimal jewellery. Or to be true to myself, I will also admit that one of my rings broke.. Anyhow, have a great weekend!