Days where it gets so hot, I can't imagine going out in anything more than that. I was nearly suffocating in my jacket but its gorgeous isn't it? It happened to be the last one on the rack during the Topshop Breakfast Party a couple of months ago so it was a little on the loose side for me but I loved how fresh and fluid it made the jacket look even more. And prior to my previous post about the Jemmas, you probably get the drift now when I said the arch of the heel spoke to me. Simplicity taken to a new level I say, thank You God that finally someone understood. Me today: Spending a good hour and a half in front of a sewing machine I couldn't get used to resulting in nearly sewing my finger to..the machine itself, napping at the oddest times in the day, or should I say night. Thinking about school work which makes me feel sick in my stomach, and scrambling to find that crochet dress I've been eyeing on for ages but took too long to decide on. Its now…out of stock. The last 3 words you want to hear when you've spent the week happily adding new stuff to cart. Photo by Sherman See-Tho who managed this shot from across the road where I was standing on. Probably had to believe but it was..half candid. If that makes sense.