nothing but a tee shirt





Sheer tee, kismet, bustier, H&M, fur clutch, Tokyo, shoes, L.A.M.B, necklace, Bangkok

Everytime I carry this clutch, my friends think I cruelly shaved the hair off my dog to make it for myself…hell no! Clearly remember going on a hunt for a bag like this last December in Tokyo at Shibuya 101 which felt like I was going through a war of shops and people shouting strings of japanese words to get you in. Its been almost a year and I miss Tokyo so much and my favourite japanese big sister, Miyuki-san. I've been keeping December free on my calender just in case the opportunity to visit the beautiful city again pops up. Sometimes I feel like my whole life has been a constant pursuit of happiness- seeing the world and traveling to new places is probably one of those things that make me immensely satisfied because I am constantly amazed by what these new adventures have to offer me. Be it meeting new people or trying new things, seeing new places for a first, second or hundredth, I would gladly return just to be able to take the whole experience in and embrace everything about it. God, You are so good. Today's inspiration: Back tracking to a couple of months ago and looking through the If lookbook that was perfectly styled, everything I needed in my wardrobe...I have always wanted a sheer kaftan but never got around to making one for myself or purchasing the perfect one, this tee came in handy after lying in my wardrobe for a year or so. Its big enough to be a dress and fluid like how I want it to be. The shoes seemed like a great compliment and I wish I could share with everyone how it looks like in real life because the pictures really never do enough justice. Its perfectly arched and angled in a way that makes its structure quite an illusion. Gwen Stefani, you did it right. And on a random note, my hair is no longer red, red. I'd go more into detail in another post. But just a quick shout-out to Salon Vim for always making my hair feel like brand new every time I visit! Hope everyone's having a great weekend.