The gorgeous Jemma by Dolce Vita. When Ty from Solestruck told me to choose a pair for myself to keep, I knew without a doubt this had to be it. Everyone knows I'm quite the minimalist when it comes to shoes, but it surprised my friends when I picked a plain pair of black boots because I have at least 3 or 4 pairs of black boots. But opening the package and gleaming right at me was everything I could ask for…or to be very honest, the arch of the heel spoke to me, it brought the shoe to a whole new level. That made it, it. The suede was the perfect compliment to it, it made the shoe feel like there was a certain balance to it. Something I'm extremely grateful for. I've worn them a couple of times now and they're really walkable. Pretty OK even for a 12-hour day on full whack. As much as I've been abusing my little toes with all the different sets of new heights my feet have to get used to every other day, these shoes have been a dream to walk in, especially with fuzzy winter socks which I absolutely love. I'd be spending my weekend shooting a couple of looks for Solestruck with Sherman this weekend! Thanks to the lovely team at Solestruck and Ty especially for calling up Dolce Vita just so I could get these babies in the fastest way possible.