just two


Woke up this morning to an email from Ty from Solestruck telling me that I am live on the main page! Feels so surreal seeing myself on the site of America's trendiest shoe company. And if you haven't gotten your Dolce Vita's, please do! They are amazing to walk in and I secretly want another pair in brown.

new hair

I spent Thursday evening at Salon Vim again and Ivan did an amazing job with my hair using Loreal's new Time Master technique. Its especially for curly hair like mine (since I permed it in June) where the hair is slicked down in front and highlighted with extra copper red blonde, and set off with a tinge of copper brown to make my hair texture look ultra soft and strong at the same time. Slightly different from the first time I got my hair red here but this new technique is basically suited according to your head shape so…..trust me, it can never go wrong. I've never seen 3 hair stylists so serious in conversation about doing up whats best for my hair so I knew I could trust Ivan to do a great job. And he did! I prefer this much better to the first time I got it red, probably also because I was so new to the whole color thing at first and took awhile to get used to seeing me with red hair. Just felt it never suited me enough but I don't know why I just love my hair now, more than I ever have. The Time Master technique gave my hair more tone and texture. We ended the evening with Lo'real's fiberceutic hair filling serum, powercell repair and absolut repair cellular masque. I shan't bore you with the details because they work wonders. Just pay Salon Vim a visit and go to Ivan only to leave with your hair given a new lift of life. He knows what's best :)
I feel so blessed to be able to leave my hair in the care of these amazingly talented people (I genuinely go into a daze whenever I get a haircut because I can never understand how these people are so good with scissors?! I can't even cut my own fabric or paper! And they're handling hair! ) Sometimes I just sit in the salon and enjoy looking around me and the smiles these customers always leave with. Makes me want to smile to myself to but I always end up looking like an idiot. Book your appointments with Ivan now! Mention the blog and you get a 10% off! Salon Vim is located at 13 Somerset #04-07/08/09.

Ps* How cute are my new knit shorts? I absoultely love Fridays with my best pals and of course, my new Chloe! More pictures next time!