we don't care about the rest

If this set of really random images have got anything to do with fashion, it would only have to be that yes, it was still a hundred degrees yesterday and yes, I was big bird. For the whole day/night. I love this jacket to bits!!!! Especially the color and how its a great compliment to my denim shorts from Topshop. So bearing the heat for it felt well worth it, everyone thought I was crazy but who cares? It was a happy day. Also, holla to my new Topshop boots! Rachel had a similar jacket in black she happened to bring along with her to show me so she put it on for the photos. We had fun goofing around while shooting these with Sherman, these pictures would probably best describe my personality- for those who always wondered. Kinda crazy, and kinda random but fun in every way I can possibly be. Got another of these jackets in cream I can't wait to receive! Have a happy Sunday babes!