Aladdin pants



How I looked like last weekend, took a dive and decided to try on these aladdin pants (it was actually a jumpsuit but the cardigan seemed to come in handy). I have to be honest I felt pretty weird throughout but the print was too peacocky I loved everything about it. Slinging over my Paraty seemed the only obvious way of carrying my hand bag that day before it started to pour. Interesting choice of pants for church, someone mistakenly thought my style of dress was 'cosplay' and decided to ask…I was too lost for words before I could even react. But at the very least managed a smile and said 'no, it isn't'. Wore this home to feast myself in a home-styled barbeque with my friends before diving into a food coma. The adorable print makes me so happy and hopefully everyone else too because we had a lovely time. Have a great weekend!