Back 2 Basics

In a time when fashion has been revisited countless of times, where everything has been there and done, (trends on and off), I feel like it's the perfect time we go back to basics. The basic essentials of anyone's wardrobe have proven to be wearable in so many different ways, even after years. Over the past month, I went on several online shopping sprees but upon the arrival of my goodies- it dawned on me that I ended buying the very basics... Let's say about 10 sweaters and 6 pairs of shorts.. (I am a shorts kind of girl, no doubts about that) this sweater from H&M is another good example, it's sheds like crazy but if there's anything I love about it it's got to be how cool the color gradient gradually goes from a blue to green. And despite the mohair, its actually pretty comfortable. So why not to wearing it all season? Or even next summer? Or next winter? Or 5 years down the road? Basics at its best. I think I've stocked up on more than enough for now, and I apologize if the outfits I feature on my blog get too casual in the time to come.

Today along Club Street. I know my pretty scalloped shorts look way too short in the pictures but if it does any justice, I bought it 2 sizes larger and wore a huge-ass rubber band around my waist to pull it up. Didn't realize it got up so high until we were done taking the photos, the rain was frustrating the hell out of me to notice and my hair got messed up…so pardon me if my indecency has been a disturbance, I promise to take better notice in the future. Paired with H&M shorts, hat and sweater, Dolce Vita Jemma boots and Balenciaga bag. Can't wait to get some cooking done tomorrow!