I love outer wear that makes me feel like a crazy person. As much as to secretly giggle to myself when I am questioned to my choice of clothing with regards to the weather. Its my kind of a compliment and I love it when people think I'm crazy. Basically, I don't care. I've been teased and laughed at, stared at and everything that I could possibly be labelled for, poked fun at (don't even remind me of secondary school) for years thats I am pretty numb to everything though I feel I'm pretty toned down with the choice of dressing, I mean have you guys seen people out there yet? I could never be like that! No matter how much I not care, I will still be self-conscious. I obviously make sure I love what I am wearing and that I'm comfortable or it would defeat the whole purpose. And I'm sure the same goes for these people or they wouldn't even bother to step out of the house. But anyway, I thought I'd use this opportunity to blog about some looks that you can wear crazy winter outer wear with. In Singapore. Or anywhere else in the world. Whatever the weather or season. Or if you think I'm nuts, fine by me. But I love these looks anyhow so I hope you do too!

Many have asked me how I'm able to bare my legs during the winter. Its extremely contradicting because you're sort of expected to cover up. But it has never been something mandatory in the first place right? And I'm never a trouser or leggings kind of person. So if its minus degrees outside, I probably pile on about 4 pairs of nude stockings so I can wear shorts. But in Singapore, thats a different story altogether. If you're going top-heavy, be more minimal for the bottoms so it won't get too distracting. Also, because this faux fur jacket I'm wearing is extremely furry..and thick. Its always better not to 'wear' it but more of, 'carry' it. In my case, I slinged it over my shoulders. Paired with my new favourite pair of tiny sequin shorts. Not really an outfit to jump around in but how about cozying up with the boyfriend at the movies?

I guess the fur vest needs no introduction. And its definitely wearable in Singapore. I mean, why not? If its cold, I'd layer it over a leather jacket or a crisp denim shirt. Its so easy to jump and move around in this piece, I love it!

One of my favourite purchases last year. I love how the mustard goes so well with the denim. And black is obviously another perfect combination so I mixed all three. Put on a light top with fringe or crochet so it won't get too warm or if you're daring enough, a bustier would be just as amazing. Pair it with black boots and you're good to go!

Like the very first outfit, I chose to sling this furry coat around my shoulders like a cape. Though this is much lighter than all the rest of the outerwear, it can get pretty warm because of the wool. But I kind of imagine it to also be perfect with black tailored pants and a white shirt and the coat worn over it. So its like a huge boxy jacket. I wore it with a little mod shift dress from Zara and a sheer H&M shirt.

4 outfits…..but already the longest 'outfit' post I've ever done in a long time. Or maybe even the first. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this! Photos taken by Hosanna (Thank you so much babe!), we dragged a suitcase full of clothes out at night and finally put the flash on my camera to good use, playing around and cheering on passer-bys jogging along the track. It was great fun and I wish I could share more but thats all my luggage could fit. So lets just all be crazy people and rock some (faux) fur in Singapore alright?! Or if you're in winter, show off the sexy legs! Ok I have to admit I am sounding too excited about this post I am starting to sound like a crazy person. Thank you for reading!

Other items featured on this post incude (in order of appearance) : Topshop faux fur jacket, H&M sheer white shirt, random Vivi mag kind of sequin shorts I came across, Chanel 2.55 maxi, crochet blouse, borrowed from Rachel, Crochet shorts from Taobao.com, Chloe Paraty bag, TheScarletRoom bustier, mustard jacket from Tokyo, Topshop denim shorts, coat, birthday present from Jack, and boots are Dolce vita courtesy of Solestruck.