Grilled meatballs with lemony honey salad #2

Grilled meatballs with lemoney honey salad #1

I just happen to be the sort who can sit down..anywhere for hours whilst slowly savouring every bite of my meal. So its really no surprise that today's lunch is still on my plate, its been 40 minutes since I last posted a photo of this beauty (May I also add- I love my plate!! I wish I could share a photo of it right now but its a little deer in the woods I got at Anthropologie in L.A!) on Instagram annnnd I'm planning on seconds. How long do I actually take when I'm having lunch alone, really? On the other hand, it feels absolutely great to be cooking again! I'm still going to be hella busy for the next day or two but thought I'd take a breather with some time in the kitchen! Grilled these meatballs a little longer than I'm supposed to so they would be crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Tastes like heaven. Have a happy Monday everyone! And *PS If I were to share a recipe, what would you like to see?

*PPS I know how much everyone loves these cute knitted shorts, also seen 2 posts down. I swear I couldn't keep my eyes off them that I bought 5 pairs in probably every color. But good news! I will be giving a pair away on the blog soon so stay tuned!