Saturday Cookin:

Saturday Cookin

My take on a Jamie Oliver meal- Sherman and Marrcus got me his new 30 Minute Meal cookbook for my birthday and I couldn't be any happier. Loved the series- watched most of it on youtube every other night on my iPhone or iPad, drooled all over my blanket…fell in love with the amazing visuals in the book. Except that I just love to take my time. You know how he manages to whip up this feast including sides and a dessert under half and hour? I only did the noodles and salmon and it probably took me nearly 2 hours. (These perfect little cupcakes taste like heaven, thank you Aunty Irene!) Trying to work my blender/food processor and scrambling between pots and pans. I am a messy person by nature. Extremely unorganized. But thankfully pulled this together- Its asian-styled salmon with a noodle broth but as you can see, my broth turned into more of a thick gravy because my noodles turned out to be too starchy. Nevertheless, it tasted delicious. Now that I finally have some time on my hands I think I am going to dedicate my time to this cookbook and another favourite. Hope you guys wouldn't mind if I regularly blogged about it because I absoulutely love every second about it! From the grocery shopping to the cooking and then serving, photographing, EATING, editing and posting. I'll be giving my all this month to the blog because I've missed it so much so hurray!