Venice Beach

Holla! Its been quite awhile….and I've definitely more than missed blogging here. I celebrated my 18th birthday over the weekend, God knows why but I have the tendency to get all depressed just before my birthday approaches every year. But it turned out all good at the very end. Prior to my hiatus from blogging, I've been doing absolutely nothing except being in bed. It feels like forever since I took photos for the blog or much less did anything that can prove my day productive. On a very random note, here are just a couple of pics taken in one of my absolute favourite places in LA..Venice beach! Oh my godddddd I miss Venice, I miss the cookie ice cream sandwiches and buffalo wings.. I've featured this dress on the blog before. Still an all time favourite. Paired with a J Dauphin bag and H&M boots (any takers? email me!) Miss LA miss doing so many things…I hope everyone's been well and amazing. Hope to be back blogging soon!