denim on denim





I've spent the past week in Kuala Lumpur with family and friends- so nice to actually be disconnected from the cyber world for these few days where everything seemed to just fall nicely into place. I spent last night sleeping on the couch which was stratigically placed just in front of the Twin Towers, made me realise how much of a luxury it is to travel, even in neighbouring countries we always seem to take the most for granted. It was beautiful to be able to fall alseep and wake up to such a view, I wished I could have managed a shot but I've spent the past couple of days having so much fun, the camera just seemed to be having its own holiday as well. Being so used to lugging my camera practically everywhere with me, this felt kind of strange but I think I needed it. Sometimes blogging really feels like this job I'm trying to keep up with that I'm pushing myself too much to get the perfect photos that I do it just for the sake of it and no longer for myself. It was a good break, and I've devoured the best pizza I've had in awhile at Papa John's (Can't believe I didn't try this in L.A) and sat some of the craziest thrill rides that spin you 360 degrees for a good 3 minutes, non stop in full speed and just played little kiddie games with the people I've practically known for my whole life. I've come home more thankful than I've ever been for awhile and it feels great to be spending this festive weekend with a great start.


Hosanna shot these of me on our way back home, just outside of Tebrau City in Johor, I've been quite a regular there with all my road trips to Malaysia just to do some grocery shopping or get a good meal but just only realised how the mess Johor might be makes it the most perfect scenic locations to shoot for the blog. So near and familar. Can't wait to go back for yet another adventure with my dad. Ps* Yes it was pretty warm but I figured why not with the leopard coat, it went well with my denim shirt and shorts, both Topshop. Coat by Rosebullet and boots by Dolce Vita.