Chilling my ass off in Hakone- mountainous beauty west of Tokyo. We spent the night in Japan's oldest western hotel right smack in the middle of the mountain so its safe to say my legs have been given a good work-out. Not a very good tip to be in 6 inch boots going up and down slopes and steps and rocky, slippery roads. It was beautiful, I'm not a very touristy person when it comes to travel so I hope these scenic views don't bore you. I don't wanna be one of those people who have an album with 400 photos of beautiful orangey red leaves on balding trees and mountains with grey mist floating like we're in a scene of Narnia or something. But anyway, back to the hotel. It felt seemingly surreal to be walking through hallways of old black and white portraits of the different guests the hotel has played host to, including the many dignitaries and celebrities from pretty much everywhere. I loved the old creaky floors and just how the whole hotel was oozing ambience. Wished the hotel tour wasn't just in Japanese. This place has so much history its so hard not to peep my nose through every open door whenever I can. The area is filled with quaint little boutiques selling vintage crafts and cafes serving overpriced sandwiches and japanese coffee served in little english tea cups. So there wasn't much to do apart from tons of walking.. I ended my night soaking in the goodness of the hotel's onsen…first time after much persuasion!! And only because everyone else had already left. Not into the whole stripping thing with a group of strangers. I've always successfully managed to avoid anything to do with 'onsens' and 'hot springs' whenever I am in Japan..its so awkward.

Currently back in Tokyo, its so nice to be able to be back here after a year and I can't wait to be reunited with my favourite japanese big sister, Miyuki! I am just happy to also be able to slurp through a bowl of Ippudo's at Ginza, for those who don't know what it is. Its in my opinion, where you get the best bowl of noodles in the world. So much atmosphere in this teeny dimly-lit underground noodle bar. Oh and the cooks are pretty good lookers. No trip to Tokyo is complete without a bowl of piping hot ramen in these bars.

It snowed yesterday in Hakone, I looked pretty much like this since boarding the plane. The snow on my faux fur really made me look like a wild boar… I guess I blend in pretty well huh? Wearing a Topshop faux fur jacket, H&M jeans, random ol' striped sweater and Hermes handbag.