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1. Supermarket shopping with Jamie & Chloe 2. Shirley 3. Casual days in school 4. Days where iPhone cameras make do for outfit photos 5. Birthday Pancakes 6. Best ice cream cake everrrrrrrrr 7 & 8. Some birthday presents 9. Mustard chicken cookin' on the pan 10. My kind of an indoor picnic, just one of our good ol' random Tuesdays in the kitchen 11. One of the books I did decide to read this year- about a Singaporean living in New York who came back to Singapore after over 10 years to learn to cook the food that defined her childhood and the long-buried family stories that helped her to reconnect herself with her family through lessons taught in the kitchen. I'm a quarter through and its been one of the few books I'm able to relate to being a Singapore girl. So if you're one and you love to cook, this book is definitely for you. 12. Oreo cupcakes I baked last week, yum. 13. One of the random dinners I decided to go to with part of my dad's cap collection on, I walked around the mall for an hour in it enjoying my rockmelon gelato. Heaven. 14. Long lost photo from L.A at The Bazzar by Jose Andreas…I had the best steak in my entire life. One of the better luxury culinary experiences I've been able to be a part of.