Kampong Buangkok

I swear its so hard trying to balance normalcy with a mind overwhelmed by a whirlwind of thoughts. I tend to get freaked out when the year comes to a close, scramble for bits of paper or a decent notebook I can find to really, really sit down and write all I have to be thankful for over the year. Then its off to resolutions. Oh god, I'm so scared for school…
Today's inspiration: life from a whole new perspective. If you ask me, it would probably also be my biggest inspiration. We found ourselves in Singapore's last surviving kampong (for those who don't know what it means- its a village) and basically just took time to really, take it all in. That probably explains the lack of photos. What was so intriguing was the dualities of living in a place like this in one of the most advanced cities in the world- and how life can vary so much from the rest of us in just a road's turn away. I watched Hazel interviewing a family and photographing an adorable 4 year old who was so happily posing for the camera in his home. The people here just enjoy the slower pace of life at home even though they have the most typical jobs but they're happy despite the difficulties of maintaining their way of life. It made me think of the people in the 21st century who are constantly in the the pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle and would do pretty much whatever it takes to get there. To me, you only live once. And I never want to live a life where I'm constantly in a chase for a better one or where I am so stuck by my circumstances that I forget what its like to live. Its crazy isn't it? Life in general and the people living it.

I wore my favourite new pants, I like to call them my John Lennon pants just because it reminds me so much of him. But more on that in another post…! Till then, I hope everyone's having a great week so far.

Photos by me and Sam.