minutes before sunset

You probably knew this one was coming, its one of those inevitable spots I just HAD to take photos at. I suppose it doesn't have to be part of blogging but it just seems right when you're miles away from home. These taken during our afternoon walk just exploring Hakone, the bottom half of the mountain where the main landing train station is. I wasn't kidding when I said we had nothing to do, and even shooting pictures doesn't take too much time (approximately 7 minutes or less for these), we ended back in the hotel at about half six figuring what to do as it was already pitch dark. I guess I was lucky because I shot these just before the sun set at 4. It was freezing and there was still random snow parts in my hair but I figured I should brave a few minutes out and just take it all in., even though I know its wrong. The kimono is past season, but I think I'll always love it for its flowy goodness, so soft and comfy! I wore this under a Burberry coat to keep decently warm- or just to lie to the adults I'm not being too vain.

I spent Christmas sick in bed all afternoon, completely losing my sense of taste (worst timing of the year especially when all you see is a buffet spread of food) and feeling awful and mildly depressed throughout- this being evident on Twitter. Lost count on the number of pills I've taken but all I want to do is get my taste buds back! I did everything from massages, vapour rub, trapping my head into hot steam and sleeping on sides. I've barely been able to breathe right and its so uncomfortable! Hopefully, this will be a good excuse to start sorting out the thousands of pictures I have piling up in my hard disk and get some photo diary posts up- even the L.A ones which I never got to. You wouldn't mind, right?

*Ps Pardon the unbuttoned shirt. I hated it but I forgot this shirt didn't have one and I had nothing to pin it prior to wearing it.