New Year

Last post of the year! Time flies so quickly. I feel like 2011 has taught me so much more than I ever have, last year and this year, I am so happy to have learnt about the importance of gratitude and having more than just a little faith. God has blessed me with so much people, laughter, tears, travels, perspective, lessons, opportunities, presents, shopping, and showing me different parts of the world I never thought I would have had the chance to step into again. Polariods from the last 2 weeks, probably best 2 weeks of my social calender all year. So thankful, so blessed, so scared but excited to see what 2012 has in store for me. Thank you everyone for reading my blog all year(s)! Sorry I can be such an awful blogger at times. I know I was supposed to hold a giveaway ages ago but I haven't had the time to take pictures to do it up properly….I promise to do it in the next week or two! Tons to do now, I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating the end of 2011 because I believe 2012 is gonna be even bigger and better! Time to get started on my resolutions….Sending all my love to everyone! Happy new year's eve!