2AM by TBA

Courtesy of Solestruck.com
I vividly remember balling my eyes out over some stupid school shit when Ty's hilarious Facebook status popped up on my news feed- somewhere along the lines of old slurry voice messages made when he was barely sober and finding of all things, GLITTER, in the most absurd of places. I laughed. It made my night. I told him about it. And before I knew it, "MELODY! Whats your size again?" and this pair of TO BE ANNOUNCED's were on their way by FedEx, to me. I think I got even more emotional prior to that (it was too sudden I literally wanted to cry) and he sent me videos to make me feel somewhat better so I think I managed to end my night laughing it off thanks to him and some of Whitney Houston's 'So Emotional'.. I love it that the people I've been so lucky to be able to collaborate with have remained good friends and we're able to share such memories despite being thousands of miles away from each other. Can't wait to get to meet one day. That aside, these might not be in my forte when it comes to shoes but I like them and I'm pretty excited to pair them with either my favourite Marni dress or some cut-offs and a T-shirt. Perfect. Big big hugs to Ty and Solestruck for such an opportunity! This label of shoes is pretty new to the site so be sure to check them out here!