DKNY cardigan, random striped sweater and shorts, satchel ℅ sundayswithyou, Topshop socks and boots.

Default Saturday outfit: Throwing on a cardigan thats excellent for pretty much anything in anyone's wardrobe. And happy shorts I picked up randomly in the states, which I also love to stock up on. Have at least 5 pairs of these crochet/lace-like minis and I doubt there would ever be a day I'd grow sick of them. Paired them with my favourite socks of all time!!! (3 exclaimation marks wouldn't suffice my love for it) You can't see it but there are little trimmings on the socks which kind of make me giggle to myself whenever I look at them. I've had them for so long but barely posted them up- so unrepresentative of our relationship because I wear them literally every other day. Love little details like these. Thank you Hazel for the shots!