flower girl

Zara blouse and skirt, Topshop loafers, Chanel 2.55 handbag

This morning in yet another village we drove into, road trips now make dressing up seem compulsory because the locations never fail to surprise you and I personally kinda never want to miss a moment. Apart from that, I think I spent the whole day eating. I've been feeling rather romantic lately and this shirt + skirt ensemble fit the bill entirely, at a first glance I thought I'd pair the shirt with shorts but it seemed too boring for my own good. No promises I will keep to that when it comes to school though, just ended my first week and I am thrilled to be finally, finally doing what I came here to do but that also means I'll be cut off from having much of a social life. Photos shot by Sherman. Guess we put up quite a show, a bunch of kids started squatting around to look at us throughout the whole shoot. When 4 ten year olds on a motorbike stopped right in front of us, I knew I had to... More on that next time. But they were more than happy.