Le Boyfriend Jacket

Zara shirt, random boyfriend jacket, H&M shorts and hat, Topshop boots, Balenciaga bag

I've lost track of the amount of time I've spent trying to find a perfect boyfriend blazer that was anything other than black- this came randomly online and I just knew it had to go into my cart. Part of an early birthday gift to myself last year. I paired it like how I would probably pair any other blazer I own with shorts and a shirt. (yes, I do get that boring, I'll update again when I do decide to take a risk) I love the tweed and the faux leather collar detail- you probably can't see it here but I promise its awesome. And pretty much how it reminds the people who have complimented the jacket so far, and myself of Chanel, but slightly more funky.
Kind of stuck with thoughts I shouldn't be thinking about in my head, I feel like this year I have so much I want to prove to myself and I can only pray I'd be up for it. I'm too afraid for my own good. Well, for that matter, its nice being able to come to this space and de-stress for abit. Always have and always will be.