Marni Dress, H&M hat, Dolce Vita boots, Balenciaga bag

I guess its right to want to never miss a moment- especially when its got to do with blogging. I'm not particularly on a streak but if time did persist, I would blog all day, every day! And this blog would be revamped with cute little buttons labeled 'recipes', 'art and craft', 'adventures', 'outfits'…you pretty much get the drift.. I am a dreamer. Not really good with words to be honest, more visual than the rest so I'd probably go on tiny adventures every day to take photos to blog and be happy about it. Thats me. Blogging gives me good vibes, the kind you feel like you've something to look forward to? So photo-wise, I got an upgrade over the weekend, new lenses which kind of make me want to go super!wow!omg!, I would give them all the credit for the fact that my camera itself hasn't been in the best of shape but the lenses did do a little magic. I'd give a proper camera update again for those who are wondering. So I guess this also means…more photos and posts! Suuuuuuperrrr!
I've had the dress I'm wearing for about 2 months, it is by far a huge favourite when it comes to wardrobe options but I never took the chance to actually wear it properly and today seemed perfect. I think I am in love with the pockets more than anything, and pretty much how the dress is like a shift dress but only, cuter x10. It flares abit below the waist but then goes back together at the ends. The print is rad as well, so thats a double bonus. It reminds me so much of London in the sixties, without a doubt my favourite decade of the past century where as we all know, fashion was crazy! So to dedicate this dress to then, I altered it to a super short length, Mary Quant would have so approved. I could see Twiggy in this, oh god, best birthday present ever.

Ps* Happy Dragon year to all my chinese readers!