Grilled Steak Salad
Just two shots from the past week- Last weekend I grilled the perfect steak (Gotta thank Jamie Oliver for that, his Perfect Steak video always allows me to take credit for making a really really good steak for an ammature like me- I've done it his way a couple of times and it never fails!) and sliced it into strips before serving it up with honey lemony salad. The juice you get from resting the steak makes the salad even more wicked. Fucking delicious. Also, stocking up on anything shorts. Really, I think I've gone crazy over the past few months collecting these little nuggets. The 2 newest additions include the mesa knit from Nastygal and Kenny's Guadalajara shorts. Love these little minis.

*Ps- I've just updated shopmissingavenue with a few knick-knacks! All orders to go directly to my email and orders will be shipped out by the following week!