Japanese Sushi Rice Bowls

So weekends are all about relaxing and spending some time with the ones you love, so why not do some cooking together? I whizzed up the most easiest but most delicious dish, ever and I thought I'd share it with you too! These japanese sushi rice bowls are too good to be true, Miyuki made this for us in Tokyo at her place while I helped out so I totally improvised this time. Its nevertheless, just as yummy. The steak rice bowl is kind of my own version, while the salmon one is definitely more traditional. I won't be teaching you how to COOK this but really how to prep this dish.

You will need: Japanese rice (cooked in a rice cooker or in a pot), fillet of salmon (I used a large fillet for 4 people), minute steaks, japanese rice wine vinegar, chinese parsely, sesame seeds, olive oil, salt&pepper, a clove of garlic and some butter. (No measurements because this is entirely up to how much you want to cook!)

1. Olive oil in the hot pan, season your salmon lightly with salt and pepper on both sides and grill until its cooked all 90% through- you don't want the salmon to become too dry so its best to have a slight raw pink in the middle of the fillet when you cut it)
2. Place the salmon in a bowl and flake it, making sure to remove all the bones.
3. Marinate your steak with olive oil, salt and pepper before placing it on a hot pan (Do not ever put oil in the pan when you are cooking steak!)I do my steak like how Jamie Oliver does. Click here to watch his video. The butter and clove of garlic is be swished across the steak while its cooking- on both sides. This really brings up tons of flavor in the steak. You'll learn more about that in the video. Once the steak is cooked to your liking, leave it to rest. Then, finely slice it.
5. For the rice, while its hot. Transfer all of it into a large mixing bowl. Finely chop the parsely. Add the parsely, sesame seeds, some pepper and rice wine vinegar (heaps if you like the rice sweet!) and mix it all up. You definitely need a lot of vinegar but please add as you taste. Then, separate the rice into halves.

For the first half, mix in the resting juices from the steak. Then serve it in a bowl with the slices of steak neatly placed above the rice. Garnish with some parsely.
For the second half, mix in the flakes of salmon and serve in a bowl, garnish with parsely.

Done! So easy right? Two different variations, all so so so good! Try it and let me know how it goes!