Life lately on Instagram

1. I had this indoor picnic awhile ago, pulled out an old rug, lay it out in the bedroom and served up mustard chicken and prawns, potato salad, lemony honey salad and oatmeal cookies. Yum! It was so much fun. 2. Accompaniment during a recent road trip.

3. & 4. New York City from the Empire State Building & Tokyo souvenirs

5. & 6. one of our assignments included pairing up with a classmate as a client while we each analyzed their personal styles and went shopping for a full outfit worth $40 (only one item could be our own)- it turned out to be so much fun! And likewise for shopping on such a tight budget. Charlene made me the most adorable feather clutch and braided my hair before our in class fashion show. Can you believe that adorable tutu I'm wearing is only 5 bucks?

7. & 8. Discovering new places all over Singapore. Constant inspiration-always never fails.

9. Road trip! 10. TBA's 2am screaaaams my definition of cool- ℅ of Solestruck

11. Shaggy days with no sleep the night prior to submissions 12.Gotcha FRANK card yet?

13. Pretty boxes 14. New lenses!

15. & 16. Model casting for our photospread. Can't wait to start shooting!

17. Favourite nails! Cheap thrills. 18. Favourite red velvet goodness.

19. & 20. Past two Sundays. New dress on the left- never say no to an Etro!
21. & 22. Good food vs bad food. La Petit Cuisine at the Serene Centre (left) is one of my favourite places for afforable and delicious french food. Not a fan of the staff though..but be sure to visit if you haven't! Love the potato gratin.
23& 24. Sherman and I were shooting a couple of pics while these kids started to gather and squat around, I walked up to them and posed on the 10 year old's motorbike and they were so happy! I love it when road trips never fail to leave you with plenty of surprises. Both photos by Sherman