Riding Pant

I definitely deserve a huge huge round of applause today because it is my first time, ever, wearing tight pants. I'd blame vanity and insecurities about body-hugging clothing especially when it comes to legs. Of course I've worn pants before, but that only happened last year when I slowly ventured into flares. Apart from jeans, I have never in my life wore tight pants and I've had this riding pant from American Apparel in my wardrobe for over half a year, tags still attached. I'll be honest and tell you that the only reason why I decided to put it on today was because I really ran out of stuff to wear and repeating outfits to school became too much of a painful thought.
They're almost like leggings but 20 times thicker and 10 times thicker than jeans. They're also a tad more decent. You'll probably need the right underwear to prevent fashion's #1 no-no of the VPL. Apart from that, they're great. Love the olive in its perfect shade and how it goes up super high at the waist. I can imagine myself wearing this on a plane or in some sort of winter wonderland layered with nude tights underneath. Its all about finding the right excuses to make things we don't need look way more than useful. Cmon, its a riding pant. Do I look like I ride horses? Paired with this crazy comfy sweater, H&M shirt, Jessica Simpson heels and Chloe Paraty handbag. Thank you Ally for the photos!