Straight Blow Outs

A couple of weeks ago with hair fresh out of the salon- I had no plans to actually jump in the water but was more looking forward to enjoying a bit of the sun before a relaxing oil massage. I got my Balayage highlights refurbished at Salon Vim with LO'real's Copper Golden Blonde (so refreshing!) and treated it with a LO'real's Renew C Pre Shampoo treatment and a Power Repair B- both of which revitalise and repair hair fibre and strengthens hair cuticles. You can read up more on my experience with Balayage highlights here. Like I said, its pretty amazing (nope, not kidding) And if you did notice, I got my hair blown out straight as I thought it would be nice to have a bit of change. Its something I've been almost gravitating towards every end of the month when I make a trip down to the salon. I like it very much and everyone tells me to stick with it but I think I love my waves more than anything for now…..what do you think? Also got Ivan to do a few quick snips and I now have lighter and fuller hair. Too much love for it right now!

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