Such a mystery

I'm not sure if this has got to do with so much thats being done and seen but all I've been wanting to wear lately are the simplest ensembles I manage to dig out from my wardrobe. Its always such a satisfying feeling being able to pull out an old sweater and snuggle up in front of the telly having my own crime night at home (The Mentalist! Bones! Unforgettable! Body of Proof! Castle!) while enjoying a home cooked meal. Or just wearing nothing but jeans and a T-shirt or a dress. There might not be anything specifically simple about this look, could be the barely there rings, or black from head to toe but I guess no matter how over the top people think I look, I always find that everything I wear manages to look extremely effortless and somehow subtle at the same time. So what I'm trying to say is I feel what I wear looks really basic and takes no effort because it really is nothing but the truth! Today I picked out one of my favourite jackets in my closet, its 2 sizes too big but I love how its kind of slouches onto my body and swishes as I walk. I also just so happened to find a crochet dress a couple of weeks ago that matched perfectly when paired with these shorts when tucked it. I love the versatility of pieces like this! And the fact that I got the thrills because it was so cheap ($!5!) made it all the more even worth it.
All I can say is that I think I'm probably end up living in this look for awhile, I tend to wear outfits I really like over and over until people around me get sick of them so I just justify it by saying "too bad I like it!". I also love it that this is one look which you can play around with just from the different pieces in the outfit itself. Like the shorts with a sweater. Or the jacket with a sheer panelled skirt (one which I definitely have to show you guys soon!) and the crochet dress, just as it is. This is where I start feeling this really sick kind of love towards my clothes I start to stroke them before I sleep. Now you know why.