Feathering heights


I don't think I've ever been so desperate for a pair of shoes in my lifetime. These Charles Anastase wedges were a few seasons ago, and my jaw dropped when I first saw them on the runways. Thought I'd forget….and for some reason (God knows why) I felt that Celine would have been more reachable for me. I was so wrong. Years later, I still haven't gotten these off my mind and every once in awhile I spend hours searching and searching, frantically emailing, scanning eBay and hoping a pair pops up, praying but to no avail. Can't believe a whole shelf of these were in front of me at the Opening Ceremony boutique at La Cienega and I couldn't afford them then. I literally could cry. They've been sold out worldwide for a long time now but I don't think I'm ever giving up on this pair. They're beyond perfect. If I could choose an everyday kind of shoe to describe myself this would be it. And the height beats any kind of clogs (puss!) plus the Ostrich leather. Oh god, I think I'm dedicating my life to these babies. Secretly, I believe they'll end up on my feet one day and I'm never giving up on such a thought.