Help me if you please

This year I want to start wearing more details rather than always gravitating towards basic, basic looks. You get what I mean right? Nothing wrong with basics but I love it when details seem the most oblivious to others because they're like "but you're only wearing this.." and then its my turn to shout in defense and justify the whole thing. You get the dirft. I guess I'm pretty boring by nature and even talking about clothes can bore my friends because I suck at descriptions so I'm sorry if you're not getting mine. That aside, Runway Bandits sent me this army jacket last week and I couldn't wait to wear it out the moment I got my hands on it. The versatility of an army jacket is endless. I've about 101 ways of wearing this in my head, its also just nice that I've another waiting for me to rip open and prance around in. Can't wait to share my 50/50. You wouldn't believe if I told you I grew up in tons of army gear. I wasn't a cool kid but my dad spent half his life in the army and he was obsessed with camouflage prints he would deck me in head to toe camou. I hated it but maybe…it was for the best. I got special treatment whenever I attended those open houses for a glimpse into army life and got to shoot real guns when before I was barely 12. Hah! Maybe I was pretty cool afterall.
My little duffle has been my best friend over the weekend, wish I could find more of these, I love them so much. They're perfect to dump everything in and you'd be surprised how much a tiny one like this can fit. Thank you Swee, for the jacket! Its perfect. Wearing it with a $10 skirt I got randomly, TheScarletRoom bustier, Dolce Vita boots and Forever 21 bag.

*Ps The jacket will be available in the store next week!