Los Angeles Photo Diary

Los Angeles

Venice beach
IMG_9771California Adventure Park
Disney Magic
Disney Magic
Santa Monica Pier
Venice BeachFarmer's Market
French Crepes
Beverly Hills

Its been like 8 months since I came back and I can't believe I took this long but hope you enjoyed! Highlights of the trip was definitely going through Wisteria Lane from the Desperate Housewives series, rollercoaster car rides outside of Ralphs with my head popped out of the car, King Kong 3D, shopping for anything at Wholefoods, celeb spotting, mainly Pete Weinz, Elle Fanning and Steven Spielberg, buffalo wings by the sea at Venice Beach, running from shop to shop at 3rd street, two girls going home at 10pm arm in arm in the dark ready to ward off suspicious creeps, getting scared of fat people in motor chairs at Disneyland, going cray cray at a whole lot of jiggling boobies at the Jubilee in vegas, visiting the Canyon again, making curry for friends, making friends from everywhere and basically anything to do with all the crazy things we did wherever we went. Its hard to believe I made friends from Portugal, Shanghai, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia from just this one trip. And thank you to my dearest Hazel for putting up with us and Sam for driving everyday and being so patient and most importantly, both of you guys for the great company! LA would have never been the same without you guys. Good memories well worth keeping, can't wait to be back.