triple denim

I've never imagined myself to be in a triple denim ensemble, ever. But I guess I did, twice last week. Picked up what used to be my favourite denim jacket I've had lying around for like 4 years but never got to and paired it with my cut-offs and this shirt thats been obviously worn to death. Surpingly the perfect contrast for the backdrop.
The jacket's by Warehouse, a gift I clearly remember being given to me by my aunt when I passed math for the first in a really long time. So happy I think I cried because it was pretty expensive then, way beyond my pocket money. It turned out to look perfect with my shorts, the shade of denim just matched evenly, pretty awesome. On a side note, my dad's been a great sport in taking these photos for me. He's been doing a pretty fantastic job in almost half of the photos posted here revently. All of this… auto mode, which makes me feel like I've a pretty whacked up but awesome camera and am quite a good teacher. He is obviously too impatient to learn the technical stuff so I'm really, more than grateful. More photos today because he's been such a sweetie and took about 200 of these. Wearing Warehouse denim jacket, Topshop shorts and boots, Mango shades and denim shirt from Shopmissingavenue (its getting a revamp so everything will be up and running real soon!). Hope you like.