Clutches have never really been in my priority because I always felt that saving up for a hand bag feels a lot more sustainable but since Balenciaga dropped the bomb that they will be discontinuing their Giant Hardware line, my mind is constantly filled with how I would be in a better place right now if I had this for arm candy. Its so depressing, I think even my Giant City handbag can be now deemed as vintage, probably the best excuse I can think of to fork out $1200 usd for this. Even then, the truth is an ordinary school girl like me isn't close to getting an allowance that can afford me this in weeks. Lets be honest anyway. I've always been a practical person when it came to my next big purchase. This has always been the holy grail of clutches for me since I fell in love with Balenciaga, honestly I would visualize myself heading to beautiful places and dining at my favourite cafe eating risotto with this laid neatly on my lap. Its time I stopped taking little accessories for granted, really, you have no idea how important they are- hand bags are no longer priority. This is.